Comments For Boys Pictures On Instagram in 2022

Facebook and Instagram are becoming more popular every day. It is most likely that teenagers will use these applications. Through these platforms, people communicate virtually by sharing pictures and leaving comments. Using the words in this article, you can share them on social media and in person!

People make so many efforts to get likes and comments on their posts because they highly value them. It is increasingly difficult to leave a comment on a blog. It’s time to address the elephant in the room! The likelihood of girls liking and commenting on pictures is higher than boys. However, boys are also deserving of appreciation. You can show your gratitude and love to boys using these lovely comments.

On Instagram, there are some excellent comments for boys you can use:

  1. There is a loud but silent voice speaking
  2. Through his looks, he kills everyone
  3. Those eyes of yours are never quiet; we know that more than anyone else
  4. Your calm and composed nature is admirable
  5. What a fantastic picture!

You can express your feelings in comments for boys. Here are some short, funny, and romantic compliments you can give your man to make him feel special.

The best Instagram comments for boys

You can choose from our best Instagram comments for boys. You can get back on track by scrolling down!

  1. My future is brighter because of you.
  2. You symbolize gravity
  3. Would it be possible for me to get a copy of yours?
  4. This is a great wallpaper for your phone; thank you.
  5. This picture won’t let me like it N times.
  6. Wearing this outfit should be prohibited.
  7. There is something unique about your style.
  8. When I saw your notification, I was studying and suddenly became distracted.
  9. Slayer with a look that kills everyone
  10. You’re a master at perfection and professionalism.
  11. Professionalism and kindness are evident in your attitude.
  12. It’s a pleasure to see your traditional style.
  13. Please smile from the bottom of your heart and the curve of your lips every time I see you.
  14. Awww, what a cutie
  15. My mind is boggled by how someone can simultaneously look so hot and cute.
  16. You make everything perfect with your smile!
  17. Cutie + Hawtin
  18. Your post has distracted me again.
  19. I love you so much, my boy
  20. My love for you knows no bounds.

Here are some short and sweet Instagram comments for boys

I’m looking for one-word comments on boys’ pictures on Instagram. This censored list will be helpful to you!

  1. What a beautiful picture!
  2. You will be the talk of the town among girls.
  3. There’s something magical about this picture.
  4. World’s best selfie taker
  5. There is a sense of strength and confidence in you.
  6. Your energy is contagious.
  7. I like that picture, bro.
  8. It’s hard to believe he’s that young.
  9. The smile on your face makes me happy.
  10. I am so pleased to see this picture.
  11. I’m very impressed! Modeling is something you should consider.
  12. You look amazing.
  13. I admire your fearlessness!
  14. I’m in love!
  15. There is no one better than you for me!
  16. Your kindness is greatly appreciated!
  17. There is no one better than you!
  18. My stronghold is you!
  19. I’m blown away by your smile!
  20. Dedicated to service. One like you!
  21. You make me laugh like no other!
  22. Your love is divine!
  23. How loving you are! I’m so lucky!
  24. You are so seductive!
  25. Exciting.
  26. You are like coming home!
  27. Amazing!
  28. You are so funny!
  29. Your style is impeccable!
  30. Your humor is the best!
  31. You are so romantic!
  32. Kindhearted.
  33. You are my cup of tea!
  34. Courageous…
  35. How I love you!
  36. The most talented!
  37. You inspire me!
  38. This suit is just stunning!
  39. Irresistible!
  40. You are so creative!
  41. You cook like no other!
  42. You are a real gentleman!
  43. With you, I feel like a real lady!
  44. You are so impressive!
  45. Wow, you are the best at driving!
  46. I’m so proud of you!
  47. My firm, confident and assertive!
  48. That’s a perfect gentlemen’s pic.
  49. Nice biceps.
  50. Looking, great brother.
  51. Cute!
  52. Tender
  53. Hot!
  54. Bright and intelligent!
  55. You are so handsome!
  56. My one and only…
  57. Powerful!
  58. Your charm is irresistible!
  59. My dream came true!
  60. You are the strongest of all!
  61. You are so understanding…
  62. I’m gone mad behind you.
  63. That’s a fantastic pic.
  64. Girls made for you, brother.
  65. You have a great smile.

What to say on Instagram when you are a boy

Is he your boyfriend, even though he has walloped puberty? The following list will delight you with ‘comments for boys then!’

  1. Which girl is standing behind you?
  2. Keep shining.
  3. Boss!!
  4. Million-dollar pic
  5. Your charm is irresistible!!
  6. Champion
  7. You’re best, and all other is bad.
  8. Studious (just kidding, don’t take it seriously)
  9. Cool dude
  10. Personality!
  11. Smart boy
  12. Dashing
  13. Super look!
  14. Fantastic pictures, bro.
  15. Sizzling and intelligent boy.
  16. Woohoo looking, handsome buddy.
  17. Handsome boy
  18. Innocent look!
  19. Your humor is the best!
  20. You are incomparable!
  21. The love you have for me is divine!
  22. I just love this suit!
  23. I love your sense of humor!
  24. You are such a loving person! It’s such a blessing to be me!
  25. It takes courage…
  26. What a gentleman you are!
  27. You have impeccable style!
  28. Coming home to you is like coming home to family!
  29. My inspiration comes from you!
  30. Heartfelt.
  31. It’s incredible!
  32. Talented beyond belief!
  33. You can’t resist!
  34. I am so impressed by you!
  35. Your cooking is second to none!
  36. Excellent
  37. Smart as ever!
  38. The best!
  39. That’s awesome!
  40. That’s pretty awesome, hahaha!
  41. My gentlemanly friends!
  42. I agree with you, brother!
  43. I love it!
  44. What a great picture!
  45. I haven’t seen you in a while
  46. Your gym workout wasn’t a lie!
  47. Hey, you promised to return my shirt to me as soon as possible.
  48. You’re the best!
  49. The best!
  50. I like it a lot
  51. That’s great!
  52. What kind of baby is this?
  53. Hey, I promised you would return my shirt as soon as possible.
  54. My gentlemanly friends!
  55. Exceptional as always
  56. Evil in a crazy way
  57. That’s so cute
  58. You’re killing it
  59. It’s impossible to resist your charm!
  60. Take it lightly. I was kidding.
  61. This is an impressive picture.
  62. Co-conspirator
  63. I see! There is no one better than you.
  64. I love it
  65. All others are bad except you.
  66. It’s a lit picture.
  67. It’s the champion time!
  68. I am blown away by this picture.
  69. The baby is so cute.
  70. That’s a great picture, yours.
  71. The king of romance
  72. The little baby is so cute.
  73. World’s best selfie taker
  74. I like the image.
  75. I like the way you look.
  76. Hello, it has been a while
  77. That’s a great picture of you.
  78. Those pai babies are so cute.
  79. The Evil Craze.
  80. That’s great! There is no one better than you.
  81. I’m blown away by this picture.
  82. It’s a partnership.
  83. This is a nice picture.
  85. As usual, he looks handsome.
  86. You look great

Making boys feel flirty on Instagram with comments

Do you have a crush on him? Has he always hovered around your heart as a friend, but everyone else wants him? Girls should be jealous. Feel free to use one of these words as a comment!

  1. There is a loud but silent voice speaking.
  2. Through his looks, he kills everyone.
  3. Nothing is quiet about your eyes; we know that more than anyone else.
  4. Your calm and composed nature is admirable.
  5. Wow, what a fantastic picture!
  6. This is sick
  7. Your life will continue to be filled with milestones.
  8. Your smile brightens up my day.
  9. Wow! What a great facial expression you have there.
  10. Deeply in love with you!
  11. It’s a pleasure to meet you.
  12. Thank you for making my morning special with your picture
  13. I’ll always love you.
  14. Embrace the day
  15. Sunshine, have a great day.
  16. I’m speechless!! Your look smites me.
  17. Seeing your precious face in the morning is always a pleasure.
  18. It’s a good morning for me as I realized all the love songs were about you…
  19. Hello, my love.
  20. The hunk is handsome!
  21. I love the way you smile…
  22. I need to be revived by someone, please.
  23. My life is over.
  24. You are breaking the internet.
  25. There is nothing more important than your happiness.
  26. It’s killing


Comments for funny boys on Instagram

Was he the meme at the party last weekend? It’s a secret you shouldn’t keep!

  1. Do you use a keyboard? That’s why I’m attracted to you.
  2. Do you mean excellent?
  3. Feeling bored
  4. Like a popsicle in my mouth, you make my heart melt.
  5. Bro, let’s go!
  6. No picture at all
  7. That’s awesome!
  8. I feel facepalmed
  9. This is a pleasure to meet you.
  10. Comments are welcome!
  11. He deserves some bacon, so give him some.
  13. Good morning, 911. A #fire selfie needs to be reported.
  14. I like your cuteness. Would you mind sharing your phone number with me?
  15. I licked it, so I own it.
  16. Your smile makes me happy. There’s something cute about it.
  17. Here’s what I’d tell you…
  18. No snacks are allowed inside the movies, so I wouldn’t be able to take you there.
  19. As weird as I am, I’m glad you are too.
  20. They here
  21. It’s no secret that I love you very much.
  22. The crust is what makes pizza.
  23. Can you tell me if it’s Ryan Reynolds?
  24. Would you mind telling me your name is WiFi? This makes sense to me.
  25. I’m not interested
  26. I love it!
  27. Pizza is on the menu tonight, so let’s order one.
  28. French fries can’t compare to how much I love you.
  29. You’re the best! Weird stuff is being posted again!
  30. I am now setting this picture as my phone background.
  31. When someone points out the obvious, my expression is
  32. Crushing on you is one of my hobbies.
  33. An average person likes Nacho.
  34. It’s not a joke. Interesting, that’s a lot of information.
  35. It is with great pleasure that I accept the Best Photographer Ever award.
  36. Those are some #looks.
  37. OMG, Who Gives a Damn?
  38. Quite a weird flex, but I can live with it.
  39. Later, I’ll probably steal that sweatshirt.
  40. Having respect for
  41. I rate this post 10/10 because the roses are red.
  42. You’re a star, so I’m sending this selfie to NASA.
  43. My money is yours, so shut up and take it.
  44. It’s snack time.
  45. So Funny I Couldn’t Stop Laughing
  46. Is there anything you want to say?
  47. The madness must end!
  48. This snack is so tasty.
  49. Is there a way for you to get so fly, Sugar? Suga, Baby Bash
  50. Photographing my love is one of my talents.
  51. I appreciate your help.
  52. Here’s the real deal
  53. I’ll give you one if you use promo code ‘KISSES.’
  54. Tarnation, what are you talking about?
  55. It doesn’t matter what sprinkles you put on your donuts.
  56. Is that where you’re looking? It’s me who sees.
  57. In our relationship, who is the funniest? Honesty is key.
  58. Is it true?
  59. In the same way, I feel when I see my food at a restaurant, you give me the same feeling.
  60. There’s something about you that makes me want to snuggle with you.
  61. How Do You See It?
  62. LOLs are solely a result of you.

Your boyfriend will love these Instagram comments.

He takes great pictures, doesn’t he? Don’t let anyone forget he’s yours. From our list of the best words for boys, choose the one that best describes your boyfriend!

  1. Picking me up with your big, strong arms is one of my favorite things.
  2. I am glad that I gave you my heart.
  3. When I think of you, my world is filled with smiles.
  4. Even when I don’t feel like smiling, you make me laugh.
  5. To make you feel like you’ve won the lottery, I want to make you feel as if you’ve won big.
  6. As a result of being close to you, I think I look better.
  7. You’re good-looking. We get it. We don’t want to be jealous of you.
  8. Your cuteness made me overlook the background in this picture.
  9. Based on this photo of a quality human, I would not want to quarantine anyone else.
  10. Our ability to disengage socially is more vital than our inability to do so. It’s easy to stick with you.
  11. Having you in my life is all I am grateful for.
  12. Whenever you try to improve me, I appreciate it.
  13. I’ve never seen a photo as impressive as this one.
  14. I am happy when I see your smile. Your energy is contagious.
  15. Your work is exceptional! Commenting is impossible for me.
  16. My favorite since I can remember.
  17. The meaning of sweetness lies within you, as hotshot and honey are trapped inside you.
  18. By the way, I always thought you were terrific; I still believe you will be outstanding in the future. You are one of the most magnificent and wondrous people I have ever met.
  19. I’m speechless! After seeing your picture, I can’t close my eyes.
  20. Would it be okay if I dedicated a song to you?
  21. You might be surprised if I told you that you are more than handsome.
  22. Night has fallen on the day. My cheeks didn’t blush or sparkle as the lights changed.
  23. Social media should be banned for guys that look amazing like you.
  24. Your charm never ceases to amaze me.
  25. You shake my feed, man! Brother, you are beautiful, handsome, fantastic, lovely, and genuinely wonderful.
  26. My heart skips whenever I see a picture of you on my feed.
  27. Six days were all it took for God to create the universe.
  28. Seven days later, he rested. However, he chose to make you over thousands of years.
  29. Your flawlessness is due to this.
  30. You must have baker parents. Their pie turned out so cute!
  31. I love the look of this picture. It even made me forget what I was doing before I saw it.
  32. I can’t tell you how much I admire and love your photos. So I guess I’ll stop talking now.
  33. This picture saved me from boredom at work.
  34. Is this picture able to be saved? Santa needs to know what I want for Christmas.
  35. It is impossible to replace you. No one can match your handsomeness.
  36. My feed isn’t complete without your pictures!
  37. So that you can come back here to post such adorable pictures, I hope your day will consist of fast traffic and short supermarket queues.
  38. My mouth is open in awe. I’m in love with this picture, bro.
  39. Would it be possible for you to post your photos every day?
  40. It is important to me that my feed is always bright.
  41. Despite your cameraman’s failures, you still look handsome.
  42. What’s that person behind you doing? He is an inspiration to me.
  43. It’s not hard for girls to like you, bro. It’s super cute how you look.

Comments made by boys on Instagram

Is he in the category of ‘Know but don’t know well? By choosing from this list, you will save time. You’ll find out more about him if he stays in the zone. Take advantage of this opportunity to eat!

  1. The picture is impressive.
  2. There is a sense of strength and confidence in you.
  3. I think that’s an excellent picture for a gentleman.
  4. That’s amazing! Lookin’ good, buddy.
  5. Hey, I promised you would return my shirt as soon as possible.
  6. Thanks a lot! Modeling is something you should consider.
  7. It’s impossible to resist your charm!
  8. Your eyes are never quiet, and we know that more than anyone else.
  9. Your life will continue to be filled with milestones.
  10. The best thing about waking up in the morning is seeing your precious face.
  11. As I listened to these love songs, I realized the lyrics were all about you.
  12. My morning is going well.
  13. With that smile on your face, you look so babyish. I pray that God always blesses you. Let’s keep smiling like this and stay blessed.
  14. He is the only one with the right to break the internet with such hot content.
  15. Suddenly, I was distracted after seeing your notification while I was studying.
  16. My wish for you is to keep always smiling, not only through your lips but through your eyes and your heart.
  17. You have the cutest face and the most innocent eyes.
  18. My heart aches for you! There is no man more potent than you!
  19. Beautiful pictures are all I can look at.
  20. What is your secret to smiling well in all your pictures?
  21. Envious, bro, you’ve got me hooked. This picture deserves a medal for its incredible quality.
  22. You look like a red cross with a radiant face. This picture shows you looking insane!
  23. You are constantly undergoing drastic changes for the better.
  24. I’m amazed! A picture like this is impossible to scroll past without double-tapping.
  25. I need your help figuring out which is tighter. In this picture, you’re wearing jeans, or we’re friends.
  26. My kind of friends are those who are as handsome as you, and I’d love to have them.
  27. Your pictures always make me smile, dude.
  28. I have never seen a better picture since joining this platform.
  29. Your wall was covered with this picture just as I was about to stop loving you.
  30. There’s a crack in my jaw! There is nothing more handsome than you.
  31. I have never seen a man as handsome in this era as you are.
  32. Having friends who post cute pictures makes the world worthless.


Some of the best comments on Instagram were made by boys. Use Instagram wisely and enjoy it. I hope you found what you were looking for – hurry over to his favorite post and let him know what you think!

Tell us which comment is your favorite in the comments below. You will continue to receive the content of this kind from us.

Questions and Answers

How should you comment on a boy? Commenting on boys can be as simple as:

  1. My future is brighter because of you
  2. You symbolize gravity
  3. Would you mind if I photocopied yours?
  4. I appreciate you sharing this new phone wallpaper with me
  5. There is a problem allowing me to like this picture N times 
  6. It should be illegal for you to wear this outfit
  7. There is something unique about your style.
  8. When I saw your notification, I was studying, but now I’m distracted


2. How should I respond to a boy’s picture in an Instagram comment?

  1. A loud but silent voice is being heard
  2. He looks like a slayer who kills everyone with his looks
  3. Your eyes are never silent. We know that more than anyone
  4. Your calm and composed manner is admirable
  5. What a fantastic picture!
  6. That’s dope
  7. Your life will continue to be filled with milestones
  8. The sunshine in my life is you
  9. I just love the way you express yourself with your facial expressions
  10. My love for you has never been deeper!

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