Update for 2022: Finding Someone On Pinterest

Is someone on Pinterest on your mind?

Whether you’re looking for a friend, colleague, or someone else, Pinterest offers plenty of ways to find someone else’s account.

How does the process work? Here are four ways to find some on Pinterest using computers and mobile devices. We will also discuss miscellaneous tips for finding people on Pinterest, even if you have trouble finding the person you’re looking for.

Come on, let’s get started!

1. Finding someone on Pinterest by their name

You can find someone on Pinterest by searching for their name, which is the simplest method. The Pinterest app for iPhones / Androids works on both computers and mobile devices.

When people create a Pinterest account, they usually provide accurate information and do not conceal their identity.

You can find their account by searching for their name!

Using Pinterest, you can search for someone by name by following these steps:

  1. Using the search bar, you can find someone by typing their name.
  2. By pressing enter, the search will run.
  3. ‘Profiles’ can be filtered by clicking or tapping the button at the top of the screen that says, ‘Profiles.’
  4. The profiles that appear can be scrolled through until you find the person you’re looking for.

That’s all there is to it!

It’s not always the case that Pinterest accounts are associated with real names. Alternatively, if this is the case, you can use one of the methods listed below to locate their Pinterest page.

2. How To Find Your Pinterest Friends Using Facebook

With Pinterest, you can find your Facebook friends on Pinterest automatically!

You can’t deny it! Pinterest accounts that are integrated with Facebook will be able to do that. Additionally, the person you’re looking for must have linked their Facebook account to Pinterest.

Most people do this to avoid remembering login information for another account. It is, therefore, worthwhile to try this method.

The following two options are available to you:

A Pinterest account can be created using your Facebook account.

It is also possible to integrate your Facebook account with your Pinterest account. At this point, other Facebook friends can find your profile if you wish to keep it private.

You can integrate your Pinterest account with Facebook by following these steps:

  1. You can change your Pinterest settings by going to your profile.
  2. If you’re using a desktop, you’ll find the security and logins section on the left side.
  3. Scroll down until you reach ‘Login options.’
  4. You can log in with your Facebook account by checking the box.
  5. In the pop-up box, allow Facebook to share your information with Pinterest.

Pinterest suggests users follow based on their Facebook friends list. You can check their profile to see if they’re there.

3. If you cannot find someone using their email address on Pinterest, here’s what you should do.

This method does not seem to be working for many people anymore. Even so, it might be worth a shot.

Besides searching by name, Pinterest also allows you to search by email address.

It is also possible to find someone’s Pinterest profile if you know their email address.

People with multiple email addresses typically use this strategy only if they have the correct address.

However, you can give it a try for free!

Searching for someone by email on Pinterest is as easy as following these steps:

  1. You can enter the target’s email address by clicking or tapping on the search bar.
  2. Press enter after entering the search term.
  3. At the top of the screen is a button that says ‘Profiles’ that lets you filter by profiles.
  4. Because Pinterest allows only one account per email address, it should be the only result.
  5. Using Google’s Reverse Image Search, you can find someone on Pinterest.

4. How To Find Someone On Pinterest Using Google’s Reverse Image Search

Our final method will be a little different from the others.

Google will find a match using their profile picture rather than Pinterest’s built-in features. It can be pretty eye-opening since many people do not even know this is possible!

It is common for people to use the same profile picture across multiple platforms. The other websites they are a member of – including Pinterest – may appear if you do a reverse image search using one of their known profile pictures.

Follow these steps to try this strategy:

  1. Make a copy of the person’s current profile picture.
  2. Click here to access the Google Image search.
  3. Drag the photo into the search bar or click the camera icon to upload it.
  4. The search engine will look for other instances of the image on the web.
  5. To view a Pinterest profile, click on the result!

Try old profile pictures if nothing comes up.

Instagram and Facebook profile pictures are updated more frequently than Pinterest profile pictures. Therefore, they may still have the same profile picture they used when they first signed up!

Here are some tips and strategies for a variety of situations

Despite trying all the options above, you haven’t found the person you were looking for.

To locate them, you’ll need to be creative as your task becomes much more difficult.

In addition, some of the tips below may seem creepy or intrusive at times. In this case, it is recommended that you ask the person for their Pinterest if you can and respect their decision not to share it.

Although some people have bad intentions, not all of them are. You can find someone’s Pinterest account by following these tips if none of the previous methods worked for you:

  1. Make a list of this person’s usernames, email addresses, profile pictures, and phone numbers. If you have them added to your Facebook profile, you can find a lot of information under the ‘About’ section.
  2. Search Google for results for each username, email address, and phone number. In the future, you may want to try seeing even more usernames or emails that this person has used previously.
  3. Reverse image searches can be used to find their past profile pictures. Multiple platforms often use the same profile picture. It’s possible that other websites, such as Pinterest, have accounts they’ve used in the past. It may be possible to find even more usernames and email addresses.
  4. All this data should be uploaded to Pinterest using the methods described above. You should try every email address and username they have registered on other websites.’
  5. You can try all their usernames by visiting this URL in your internet browser: https://Pinterest.com/THEIRUSERNAMEHERE.
  6. Find out who your friends follow if you know them. They might follow each other!

The person may use a different email address, username, or profile picture online than elsewhere.

They may have taken extraordinary measures to avoid being discovered by their peers. It is essential to respect this, so stop looking for it.


Sharing pins with friends and connecting with other Pinterest users makes the experience even better.

Even though you shouldn’t follow people who don’t want to be seen, finding a specific person on Pinterest may be helpful in certain situations.

I hope you were able to locate the person you were looking for. If you have any other questions about Pinterest, please use the comment form below.

Best wishes,

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