The following is a list of the most popular clothing brands in 2022

Fashion Brands: Womenswear Edition

High street brands.

  1. Aziz

In 1975, Zara was founded by Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera. The brand has been committed to bringing high-end fashion to every customer since its inception. Zara quickly spread throughout Spain despite only being in business for a few years. 

After Zara was founded ten years ago, Inditex acquired it. Among the world’s most prominent fast fashion brands are owned by Inditex, a leading fast fashion retailer. In more than 200 markets worldwide, the company employs more than 170,000 people.

Fashionable clothing at an affordable price made Zara famous. When Zara was launched, only a few brands had achieved this goal. The popularity of Zara skyrocketed as a result. Known for offering fast fashion with a luxurious look, this brand has a global following.

  1. Clothing store H&M.

In 1947, Hennes & Mauritz became H&M, a famous high street brand. The most recent data shows that approximately 120,000 people work for the company.

Producing many items within a short timeframe is H&M’s secret to success. Over the years, the company has remained among the top clothing brands worldwide by keeping up with new trends and offering various options. It stands out from its competitors due to its 900 independent suppliers worldwide.

  1. Shershka

Inditex also owns Bershka. It was created in 1998 and aimed at young, urban audiences. Bershka opened 100 stores in its first two years. As a leading brand of women’s clothing, Bershka has become extremely popular over the years. Inditex’s revenue comes from 185 markets and accounts for 9% of the company’s revenue. Young, adventurous people are most attracted to its clothing lines.

  1. Stradivarius

In 1999, Inditex acquired Stradivarius, a family-owned fashion brand. As soon as the brand entered the international market, 500 stores were opened worldwide. The popularity of teenage clothing brands can be attributed to the fact that they promote youth. There are currently 180 countries in which Stradivarius is available.

  1. ‘Pretty Little Thing’

Adam Kamani and Umar Kamani founded PrettyLittleThing in 2012. The online accessories website grew into a million-dollar fashion business over a few years. The brothers wanted their store to fulfill the dreams of every young girl, not just sell clothes. The brand’s ability to adapt quickly to changing trends made it increasingly popular yearly. More than 6 million customers are using PrettyLittleThing today. 

PrettyLittleThing has become one of the most popular Instagram clothing brands, thanks to social media. Instead of investing in TV ads and brick-and-mortar stores, they leveraged social platforms and collaborated with popular influencers.

Luxurious clothing


The company was founded in Glasgow in 1988 by Londoner Ray Kelvin. Initially, the brand offered handbags and accessories. Ted Baker became one of the most popular clothing brands in the UK because of the quality of its clothing. 

“Education” is the company’s word-of-mouth advertising strategy. Its mission is to let consumers buy because they hear good things about the brand, not because of advertising. This brand sells apparel in the UK and is famous for its clothing.

  1. Levi’s

Levi Strauss immigrated to San Francisco from Bavaria in 1852 and opened a dry goods store. Strauss noticed a gap in the supply of specific clothing categories like other clothing brand owners. HAs hardworking people need durable clothing to endure long hours and factory work; his idea was to find rugged, high-quality denim.

He introduced waist overalls in 1873. Levi’s products are worn by celebrities and mine workers alike. The company serves more than 100 countries, maintaining its high quality. In addition to its online presence, the company has 500 stores worldwide.

  1. British Fashion House

Some people dispute Burberry’s status as a luxury or designer clothing brand. This company is one of the most famous, a wealthy women’s luxury clothing brand with moderate prices.

Thomas Burberry founded this company in 1856. Due to its unique offerings, this company quickly became known in England. When Thomas was only 21, he created a fashion piece that would set his brand apart. 

Gabardine trench coats set a new standard in terms of durability and luxury. Many of Burberry’s products are made from Gabardine since it can withstand extreme temperatures.

  1. The Moncler coat

Monestier-de-Clermont, a village in southeastern France, gave its name to Moncler. Andrè Vincent and René Ramillon founded it in 1952. The company began producing durable capes, tents, and sleeping bags to provide high-quality camping gear that could withstand harsh conditions.

The founders of Moncler became one of the most popular outdoor clothing brands after recognizing the growing need for quality winter clothing. Today, the brand represents winter adventure with skiing gear and luxurious jackets.

  1. PERKINS, Dorothy

About 30 years later, Dorothy Perkins changed its name from “Ladies Hosiery and Underwear Limited.” The brand was established in 1909 and became known as Dorothy Perkins. 

Initially, the company operated as a chain of luxury stores, collecting pieces from different labels. As a result of the desire to make a difference in the industry, the company started designing its clothing and became a household name. Dorothy Perkins became a part of Boohoo in 2021 after purchasing a controlling stake in Biba in 1969.

Fashion Designers

  1. Vuitton Louis

In pursuit of a dream, Louis Vuitton spent two years walking to Paris as a teenager. His trunks quickly attracted wealthy customers, who remain the company’s target market today. 

Despite not being a designer, he created a well-known clothing brand and hired some of the best designers. LVMH Group owns Louis Vuitton, which has over 5,000 stores worldwide.

Even though Louis Vuitton is best known for its bag collection, it also designs exquisite clothing. In 2020, the company’s fashion and leather goods segment generated revenues of £18 billion.

  1. Chanel

Gucci was founded a hundred years ago as one of the most expensive clothing brands in the designer industry. Guccio Gucci created the brand to meet the demand for high-end leather goods and luggage products.

From the start, Gucci’s mission was to offer its customers quality and uniqueness and to work with the best people in Italy to create innovative fashion. A new creative director quickly returns the brand to its older reputation after losing relevancy. In 2020, Gucci generated approximately £6.4 billion in revenue as part of the Kering Group.

  1. Prada

Prada, one of the most popular designer brands, has its roots in Milan and the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II, where Mario Prada opened his first shop in 1913.

The store initially offered travel accessories and leather goods. Since 1919, Prada has been the official supplier of the Italian Royal House, which is how the brand became so popular. A symbol of Italian aristocracy, the company’s logo is the coat of arms of the House of Savoy.

When Miuccia Prada became the company’s head, Prada became one of the most recognizable clothing brands worldwide, despite being widespread across the country. Her clothing and footwear lines were hugely successful for the brand. In 2020, Prada will have net sales of £2 billion, making it an undeniable player in the fashion industry.

  1. Fashion Brands

Despite her humble beginnings, Coco Chanel created a fashion giant. In 1910, she opened a shop in Paris after learning to sew as an orphan. She would have to grow the business for years to reach the top list of fashion designer brands. Chanel’s makeshift jersey dress caught customers’ attention.

Her pieces represent timelessness and grace because she valued simplicity and comfort. She was also known for her perfumes in addition to her elegant fashion pieces. Her planetary success was mainly due to Chanel no. 5. With a brand value of £10 billion, the label is one of the world’s most successful clothing brands.

  1. Vogue

Founded as Gianni Versace Donna in 1978, Versace is one of the world’s most recognizable fashion brands. Working for his mother’s sewing business inspired Gianni Versace’s passion for fashion design. Decades later, Princess Diana wore an updated version of his first design.

The fame of Gianni grew steadily over the years. After moving to Milan to learn the craft in his twenties, he dedicated his life to designing. His first store in Via Della Spiga opened in 1978 when he set out to create one of the world’s most prestigious fashion brands.

It has been claimed that Gianni Versace was among the first designers to realize how important celebrity endorsements could be. His designs appeared on red carpets worldwide because he was friends with many celebrities at the beginning of his career. As his pieces became something everyone wanted but could not afford, his brand quickly gained popularity. Michael Kors purchased the brand for £1.6 billion in 2018.

Menswear fashion brands to watch

Brands on the high street

  1. ‘France Connection’

The French Connection has been around since 1972. It offers men’s and women’s clothing of high quality at moderate prices. In addition to eco-friendliness, the brand emphasizes accessibility. In addition to clothing, you can also find accessories, footwear, and home goods. 

Due to its use of the abbreviation FCUK as the brand logo, this brand has been controversial. FCUK Fashion was the brand’s slogan in 1997, which brought attention to the brand and made it one of the top UK clothing brands.

  1. Tyrwhitt, Charles

Charles Tyrwhitt was founded in 1986 by Nick Wheeler. Nick is still an integral part of the brand’s design and production today, and the name of the brand comes from his two middle names. 

As evidenced by the company’s return policy, he is passionate about bringing top-quality menswear to everyday consumers. If you are unsatisfied with the quality of Charles Tyrwhitt’s clothes, you can return them in any condition for up to six months. Charles Tyrwhitt is probably among the UK’s most popular clothing brands because of such a testament to quality.

  1. Primark

The Primark brand is one of Europe’s most popular high street retailers. Even with increasing competition in the fashion industry, it remains a relevant brand. The brand’s meager prices are one of the main reasons for its popularity. 

A low price point, minimal advertising, and minimal packaging contribute to Primark’s success. Even without a comprehensive marketing strategy, this is a famous clothing brand among teens and other age groups. In addition to menswear, the brand sells women’s and children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. 

The first Primark store opened in Dublin in 1969. Penney’s was the first name given to the company by its founder, Arthur Ryan. As a result of copyright concerns, he had to change the title when he expanded into other markets. Primark became popular across the UK and had stores in 13 European and American countries.

  1. A mountain was a store.

Those who love adventure will love Mountain Warehouse’s clothing. Despite having a physics degree, Mark Neale dreamed of starting his own business.

After owning rollerblading shops, toy shops, and greeting card shops, Mountain Warehouse was his fourth business venture. Seeing a need for affordable, high-quality camping gear, he decided to capitalize on it.

According to the brand’s official website, there are more than five million loyal customers of Mountain Warehouse. European, American, Canadian, and New Zealand consumers can find this label.

  1. Nike

There is no doubt that Nike is the world’s leading sportswear brand. Males of all ages love it, which is why before the 2000s, males were its primary target audience. Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight founded Nike in the 1960s.

After renaming the company in the late seventies, the company went public under the name Blue Ribbon Sports. As a result of Nike’s extensive selection of sportswear, shoes, and accessories, it quickly gained worldwide recognition. Having frequent endorsements from the most famous athletes also made Nike the most popular fashion brand for sports apparel. In 2021, it generated £4.3 billion in net sales.

Clothes of luxury

  1. Lauren Ralph

The Polo tie was Ralph Lauren’s first product when he launched it in 1967. The brand released a full suit and shirt collection a year later. Ralph Lauren’s first products were distinguished by their style.

The brand created elegant sportswear using sports shirt fabric to create sophisticated sportswear. It became one of the biggest fashion brands because of its first collection’s success.

The Polo by Ralph Lauren boutique was opened in 1970 by Ralph Lauren in Bloomingdale. Shortly after he opened a standalone store, the Polo shirt was introduced in 1972. As a result, the shirt caused instant success in the clothing market. Over the years, Ralph Lauren’s popularity has only increased, and its revenue is currently worth over $3 billion.

  1. Smith, Paul

A prominent luxury brand in the UK is Paul Smith. With a touch of quirk, Paul Smith’s style is known for its classic appeal. Within its first two decades, the brand became one of the top UK fashion brands because of its unique take on traditional styles. In addition to the unusual setup of the company stores, experts believe that its early success was also due to the unusual layout of the company stores.

Five decades ago, Sir Paul Smith began designing in a warehouse in Nottinghamshire, where he first started. A total of 130 retail stores are now open in 60 countries worldwide.


Timberland’s founder, Nathan Swartz, purchased a small share of the Abington Shoe Company in 1952. Swartz rose to the company’s top through his hard work and innovative ideas. A small New England store was home to one of the top men’s fashion brands. Swartz recognized the need for more durable footwear as a result of the extreme weather conditions in the region. 

The original Timberland boots were released in 1973. Their rugged appearance, durability, and waterproof properties made them ideal for outdoor use. Swartz decided to rename the company to focus on that industry sector once the first product hit the market and became extremely popular. One of the world’s most popular clothing brands, Timberland is a household name today.

  1. ‘North Face

Its story begins on a beach, even though it was named after the cold side of a mountain. Two hikers combined their knowledge of outdoor gear to create a brand that offered only the best for adventurers. Their vision began with opening a small mountaineering store in San Francisco in 1968.

It wasn’t long before The North Face started manufacturing its gear. During the sixties, the founders began sponsoring expeditions; years later, extreme skiwear was incorporated into the brand. In a short time, The North Face became one of the top fashion brands for outdoor activities because it was the only retailer that offered an entire collection of outerwear, skiwear, and camping gear.

  1. In Lacoste

Tennis player René Lacoste owns Lacoste. His trainer promised to buy him a suitcase made of crocodile leather if he won a match. TAs a result of this unusual bet, he earned the nickname “The Crocodile.” Although he lost, he became known as “The Crocodile.”. With this nickname, he began wearing crocodile jackets.

In the decade following the legendary match, René Lacoste revolutionized tennis apparel. Lacoste’s collection expanded shortly afterward.

Currently, this label has 1,100 stores with 8,500 employees in 98 countries. With a commitment to environmental conservation, it is one of the top sustainable fashion brands.

Brand Names

  1. TD Ford

The fashion industry knew Tom Ford before he started his label. As Gucci’s Creative Director for ten years, Tom Ford is widely credited with revitalizing the brand after years of stagnation.

Pinault Printemps Redoute acquired the company in 2004, and Tom Ford resigned and started his own clothing company. Menswear, eyewear, and beauty products are part of every famous fashion brand’s name.

His connections at Gucci led him to develop a brilliant marketing strategy. He wore his label on the cover of Vanity Fair in 2006 alongside a nude Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson.

  1. Armani Italia

In a department store, Giorgio Armani worked as a window dresser. He dropped out of medical school to work at Nino Cerruti. The following year, he founded his own company after meeting Sergio Galeotti. 

Unlike other popular clothing brands, Armani stands out for its clean lines and elegant style. Fashion trends and customer preferences have changed with his pieces over the years.

  1. Insignia D&G

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana met in a nightclub in 1980. Within a few months, they decided to start their label and quit their jobs in the fashion industry. As a result of their participation in Milan’s New Talent group fashion show in 1985, they were introduced to a broader audience.

Due to their unique sensuality and Mediterranean style mix, Dolce & Gabbana quickly became a worldwide fashion phenomenon. The company introduced several men’s clothing collections as early as 1990.

  1. V-Neck

Garavani was apprenticed to a local designer when he was just a child. He opened a fashion shop in Rome when he was in his mid-20s. In those days, the public knew his red dresses as “Valentino Red.” 

His collaboration with Giancarlo Giammetti began in 1960. The brand gained worldwide recognition due to its combined efforts, attracting wealthier consumers. In addition to being a top fashion brand that can be worn on both the streets and red carpets, Valentino combines Haute Couture with Streetwear.

  1. Saint Laurent, Yves

Even though Yves Saint Laurent is mainly recognized for his contribution to women’s fashion, his menswear has become more prevalent in recent years. After working in the clothing industry for many years, his brand became one of the most popular.

The pieces Saint Laurent designed throughout his career stood out. He created all kinds of pants then since women had no restrictions on how they dressed. In 1969, he launched his first collection for men.


Fashion industry competition is increasing, making it more challenging to identify which brands are leaders and innovators. Several names on the high street, luxury, and designer brands have existed for decades. 

Louis Vuitton, Versace, Gucci, and Armani have all contributed to fashion trends on a global scale. 

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